The Whisperer

#1 Best Seller

in Spiritual Mystery Amazon UK

She chose death.

She got life.


After Meredith Potts jumps in front of a train, she's surprised to find herself still thinking. She meets the mysterious Michael who recruits her as a whisperer.

Whisperers cause the unexplained thoughts and feelings we all get. Have you ever felt a strange push to do something? Ever been comforted, like someone had your back? That's them. Here's an example.

Stan, the train driver who hit Meredith is traumatised. Can she assuage her guilt by helping him find love? But Meredith has bigger problems.

Events are now in motion that will reveal a terrible secret and expose a killer.


Can Meredith uncover the truth before anyone else gets hurt?

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Titch is a short story featuring a key character from my debut novel The Whisperer. Growing up in poverty in 1950s Edinburgh, Titch is recruited by a local street gang before he can read and write. How can he break free, and what will he become?  

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