• A. Ireland King

LIAR by K.l. slater

Four stars for this psychological thriller with its shocking twist. Two strong female characters are pitted against each other in this gripping story. The first is Amber, who deliberately seduces single dad Ben for some sinister purpose. The second is Ben's mother, Judi, who is suspicious of Amber from the outset.

No one else seems to understand why Judi is so against Ben and Amber's rather sudden romance, and she finds herself being manipulated, pushed out of her son's life and cut off from her two grandsons.

The characters in Liar are well-drawn and the plot cleverly woven. The moral of the story is...ah there's the rub. Without spoiling the end, there is no moral. Just a surprise. Call me old-fashioned, but I'm not entirely sure how I feel about that! Hence just the four stars.



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