• A. Ireland King

The First Phone Call From Heaven

'One last chance. What would you say?

When the residents of a small town on Lake Michigan start receiving phone calls from the afterlife, they all become the subject of widespread attention. Is it the greatest miracle ever or a massive hoax? Sully Harding, a grief-stricken single father, is determined to find out. This is a story about the power of belief - and a page-turner that will touch your soul.'

I was interested to see how Mitch Albom would resolve this story. Was it going to be all about heaven and the afterlife, or were the phone calls going to turn out to be a hoax? Readers might well be in one of two camps, just like the worshipers and protestors in the story. Why might someone create such an elaborate hoax? The premise was immediately intriguing and I was soon invested in the characters, especially Sully and his little boy, Jules.

This story is heart-warming and beautiful, the resolution surprising and satisfying at the same time. Mitch Albom is a skilled storyteller, whose exploration of the afterlife makes us think about our own beliefs. The message is ultimately one of hope and enduring human love. I'd recommend it for anyone who likes a mystery with a touch of the supernatural.


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