• A. Ireland King

White Silence by Jodi Talyor

It's only ** from me for this disappointing book.

The premise is utterly intriguing. Elizabeth grows up knowing she has a gift. She can see things other people can't see. She can see auras, and knows if someone is good or bad. She can see ghosts, too. Her dad teaches her to keep her gift quiet, and she deliberately becomes a plain, unnoticeable kind of person. She marries a very ordinary sort of bloke and becomes a housewife.

The writing is excellent. The events in themselves are interesting and well-written, and I got through the whole book in expectation of better things. However, the character of Elizabeth makes a poor heroine. Despite her gifts, she is easily deceived by two men. She has no idea who to trust. This makes some of the twists seem unbelievable.

Then there's the plot. It's more like a series of unfortunate events that don't really fit together. There's no satisfying plot arc, no obvious point to anything. The very last part is anti-climactic and confusing. It left me feeling a little ripped off after such a promising start.


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